About Us

Our Mission

Our Consultants have over 30 years of experience working with complex family dynamics and treating issues of attachment and trauma. The Consultants have a body of counsellors,  mental health specialists each with diverse backgrounds.

Our experience allows us to provide comprehensive attachment therapies for our clients, and we share a strong belief of collaborating different approaches.  Each Consultants offers a unique backgrounds, so we are able to offer tailored programmes for each individual.

Our Expertise

Our Consultants provide evidenced based assessments and therapeutic resolutions tailored to each individual. The methods are developed from the latest research in attachment based theories and neuroscience, which are scientifically proven.

Our  Consultants are committed in providing hope and reassurance for each individual by offering specialist advice and support for attachment and trauma related issues.

Our Consultancy includes working with nationally recongised organisations and attachment therapists, who contined extensive training in these fields of attachment and trauma contemporary experts, worldwide.

All therapists have extensive experience and our main aim is to focus on the area of trauma and its impact for a positive outcome.